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ISO 50001:2011 Certification

ISO 50001:2011 identifies needs for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, whose purpose is to allow an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving frequent development of energy performance, including energy efficacy, energy use and consumption.

The energy standard identifies that an organization must integrate an energy management system (enMS) within the organization in conjunction with establishing and instigating an energy policy, objectives, targets, and action plans, which take into account lawful necessities and information related to significant energy use. The energy standard is applicable to organizations both large and small, irrespective of geographical, cultural or social conditions. ISO 50001 has been structured to be aligned with other popular industry management system standards so it is possible integrate an energy management system (EnMS) with your existing management system(s).

Benefits of ISO 50001:2011

  • Huge financial funds might be accomplished through expanded vitality ability. (OFGEM gauge vitality costs will climb by no less than 20% by 2020)
  • Upgraded showcasing abilities. Make your business develop.
  • Approve ceaseless change in vitality administration.
  • Helping associations bring about a noticeable development utilization of their vitality possessions.
  • Framework Compatibility; ISO 50001 could be coordinated with existing administration frameworks.
  • ISO 50001 is the most energetic vitality administration framework, empowering association’s persistent upgrades on energy execution
  • Calculating, reporting, benchmarking vitality use upgrades
  • Associations can guarantee consistence with legitimate and administrative requirements.
  • Supporting in acquisition hones for vitality utilizing gear and frameworks.
  • Make transparency in the administration of vitality assets.
  • Publicity a system for productive utilization of vitality in the association.
  • Guarantee best practice vitality administration frameworks are set up.